Back in the US!

It's been a while since we had any kind of update on Jin Kim's work, but it all changed a couple of days ago. Our friend Steven just sent us this; Tony Bancroft announces (via instagram) that Kim is back on the United States and working on something exciting! (hashtags #newstuffbrewing #animation #secret #gonnabegood... quite interesting!). … Continue reading Back in the US!

Jin Kim interview at Locus (now with subtitles!)

You might remember this wonderful Sellev video feature we posted a long time ago. Back then I mentioned that, since it was in Korean, I couldn't get a word of what Jin was talking about... but it's so beautifully shot that it was worth the watch anyway. Well, now we have a version with subtitles … Continue reading Jin Kim interview at Locus (now with subtitles!)

Archaeology (IV): Tangled early designs!

Here's some more stuff we recently rescued from the internet's back void; a few early "Tangled" designs! As you might already know, "Tangled" (previously known as "Rapunzel Unbraided") had a really, really long development and suffered huge changes from his initial concept to what we finally saw on screen. Here's a small glimpse of what … Continue reading Archaeology (IV): Tangled early designs!