Hi there,

I thought I could begin with a brief introduction.

Jin Kim has been amongst my favourite animation artists since I first noticed his work, soon after “Tangled” was released. Some production drawings catched my eye inmediately, and I found out that what I assumed was Glen Keane’s, was actually Kim’s. And every new piece I saw from then on was better than the last one.

The idea of creating an animation art blog had crossed my mind a few times, but I just couldn’t decide what to base it on… There’s so many blogs and sites on the subject, and they all can do it better than me! Then I remembered how it always surprised me that Kim didn’t have a fan site of some sort… and well, here we are!

This is not meant to be a super-get-the-last-exclusives site or anything… Just a nice compilation of work by Jin Kim. Kind of an online gallery where people can find samples of his work. Don’t expect much more than that!

Oh, and any help will be more than welcome… Do you have any cool stories regarding Jin Kim? Maybe some previously unseen art? Pictures of stuff that you haven’t seen on the site? Some interesting news about his work?

Or maybe you noticed a mistake, or an image that’s wrongly attributed to Kim?

In any case, I’m sure there’s people out there that will appreciate it if you share it with us! Feel free to drop me a line at theartofjinkim@gmail.com

Please keep in mind this site is not connected to Jin Kim in any way. If you’re looking for a way to get in touch with him, I suggest you visit Jin’s tumblr page.

Thanks for reading!