Archaeology (IV): Tangled early designs!

Here's some more stuff we recently rescued from the internet's back void; a few early "Tangled" designs! As you might already know, "Tangled" (previously known as "Rapunzel Unbraided") had a really, really long development and suffered huge changes from his initial concept to what we finally saw on screen. Here's a small glimpse of what … Continue reading Archaeology (IV): Tangled early designs!


Archaeology (II): 2013 WDAS Caricature Show!

In a recent post (link here) we showed you three of Jin Kim's caricatures of his fellow co-workers at Disney. We mentioned that according to Cartoon Brew, they were part of a 25 drawings collection, and that unfortunately only those three were to be found on the internet... but no! Our recent Wayback Archives research … Continue reading Archaeology (II): 2013 WDAS Caricature Show!

Archaeology! (I)

Hi there! It's been a while since we had something new to post, but today we're sharing some cool stuff you might've never seen (or, if you have, it was probably a looong time ago!). I did a little reseach via the Way Back Machine at the Internet Archive, and I've digged out some dusty … Continue reading Archaeology! (I)

Miscellaneous art

The site has been less active these past weeks, basically because we've already posted everything we've been able to find about Jin Kim's work. Everything...? No! 🙂  A couple of loyal readers just sent us a few images we hadn't seen before. Since they're not easy to categorize, thought I'd just share them with you … Continue reading Miscellaneous art

TAOJK Exclusive: Jin Kim at work!

Finally sharing article we've been working on for a very long time! Join us while we take an in-depth look at Jin Kim's work with exclusive commentaries from legends of animation like Tony Bancroft, Jean Gillmore, Glen Keane, and more!