Jin Kim artwork at Nucleus!

Feel like owning an original drawing by the man himself? Look no more! The folks at Nucleus Art Gallery still have a couple of mesmerizing nude studies from Kim available for sale. You can check the pieces below, and visit Nucleus at this link! (Thanks to Judy for sharing this with us!)  


Jin Kim “Frozen” art sold at Van Eaton’s

This SPECTACULAR original drawing of Anna, signed by Jin Kim, was recently up for sale on the october's update at Van Eaton Galleries, and got sold in a few days at the price of 600 usd! The original drawing measures 17"x12". The gallery detailed that the piece was created with promotional purposes, to be used … Continue reading Jin Kim “Frozen” art sold at Van Eaton’s

TAOJK Exclusive: Jin Kim at work!

Finally sharing article we've been working on for a very long time! Join us while we take an in-depth look at Jin Kim's work with exclusive commentaries from legends of animation like Tony Bancroft, Jean Gillmore, Glen Keane, and more!

The Bancroft Brothers Podcast: Jin Kim interview

When it comes to Jin Kim interviews, this is definitely as good as it can get. A wonderful one hour long conversation between the great Tony Bancroft and Jin Kim, recorded at Locus Animation Studios in Seoul. They talk about animation, work, Disney, Glen Keane, all the movies Kim's been involved in, future, past, and … Continue reading The Bancroft Brothers Podcast: Jin Kim interview