Jin Kim artwork at Nucleus!

Feel like owning an original drawing by the man himself? Look no more! The folks at Nucleus Art Gallery still have a couple of mesmerizing nude studies from Kim available for sale. You can check the pieces below, and visit Nucleus at this link! (Thanks to Judy for sharing this with us!)  


Flynn Rider

As you may know, "Tangled" was in the works for quite a long time and the movie tone and script suffered huge changes along the way, from a Rembrandt inspired visuals (and more serious feel) story of the first stages under Glen Keane's direction, when it was known as "Rapunzel Unbraided", to the lovely classic … Continue reading Flynn Rider

Roughs and finals

Today I'm sharing with you a collection of images from "Vaiana" that Jin Kim recently shared with the world; it's a series of comparisons between his rough pose sketches and the final result of each drawing, and they give us a fascinating glimpse into his creative working process and techniques. Absolutely fantastic!