Archaeology (IV): Tangled early designs!

Here's some more stuff we recently rescued from the internet's back void; a few early "Tangled" designs! As you might already know, "Tangled" (previously known as "Rapunzel Unbraided") had a really, really long development and suffered huge changes from his initial concept to what we finally saw on screen. Here's a small glimpse of what … Continue reading Archaeology (IV): Tangled early designs!



There's not much to be found when it comes to Jin Kim's work on the main heroine of "Tangled", but what can be found is definitely worth a look. Some of these pose studies are a joy to look at!

Flynn Rider

As you may know, "Tangled" was in the works for quite a long time and the movie tone and script suffered huge changes along the way, from a Rembrandt inspired visuals (and more serious feel) story of the first stages under Glen Keane's direction, when it was known as "Rapunzel Unbraided", to the lovely classic … Continue reading Flynn Rider